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Honda CS1 Anti-theft tips

Anti-Theft Tips For Honda CS1

Not a general news again when your vehicle is your first wife, this is a term that has existed and continues to be used not only by lovers of automotive alone. Should we as lovers of vehicles, especially two-wheeler would have been a lot of getting tips about the many actions that must be done to our beloved motorcycle. Starting from the tips on caring for the body, treating machinery, until the tire care also often we read.

This time we will review the bit about how to keep our motors from the skilled hands of thieves. This is fortunately a little mix in the community who have the same basic one which is kind of our own motors, Honda CS1. The following tips are widely used and according to the authors are anti-theft tips The most simple and effective way to keep our favorite motorcycle.

Position: put or we park the motor or the farthest corner of the access point out. Place or park the motor we place easily visible and accessible to us.

How to park: make it a habit to use a double standard or a primary standard to avoid a fall or motor bike rolling when parked on uneven ground contours.

Gearshift position: this is the advantage with a double clutch motor, these tips I got from a friend who is quite experienced in the automotive field. Get used to the position of gears in a state is not neutral. He advised if you can put your teeth on this fifth gear position to slow down the motor when we are moved by anyone.

Key contacts: Because cs1 Honda is equipped with "shutter switch" you do not like it. With simple tools like screwdriver and hammer alone can break down our motor safety device are magnetic. So to prevent the demolition of our motor magnetic locks, make it a habit to lock the handlebar with the direction to right. In order to narrow the space for criminals.

Double standards: Honda cs1 is still a good example of innovation in terms of motorcycle safety. Even though this is not a favorite type of bike thieves target, but we still must be vigilant in terms of keeping our first wife. Honda cs1 comes standard lock or locking system of double standards. These devices can be used as a mainstay to security level thief in action. Holes can be contained distandar padlock hung with butt diameter of 8 mm to 1 cm.

When the device is used it can be ascertained double standards will not be able to be folded, effective when one wants to move the motor we have to lift weights as heavy as 114kg of this motor. With a diameter of the handle locks large enough, the skilled hands must carry a large hydraulic cutting pliers in order to cut it.

Remote: When you say "motors use the remote, Does television" please continue reading this article, of course. Remote in question is a "remote control devices" or wireless, such as expensive cars for sure. Additional devices are not new in this country, the first writer to know about this around the year 2005. Remote serves as a remote control to turn off system integrated with a module of the tool, could be to blame or turn off the motor from a certain distance.

The downside of this tool is a sensitive motion sensor, the distance is not too far remote, vulnerable to damage and can lead to damage to electrical motors. For the price of a single device that is much below the price Rp.250.000 auctioned.

Remember the saying goes "Better to prevent than to regret"

Honda CS1

Other Tips

Official On-site Parking and Secure Parking
Try to always park in the parking lot with a level of supervision of professional and high security. If you can select just ample parking always check the vehicle registration when it will leave the parking lot, there is evidence of parking tickets, there are cctv surveillance cameras and security guards who keep a lot around the parking lot.

Provide Additional Security Key In Motor
Lock your bike with extra keys are different in kind. Examples such as lock wheels, handlebars secret key, ALARM, padlocks, chain, disc lock discs, and so forth. If you need to park next to the pole or tree and wrap chains along the pole or tree.

Continue to Monitor Your Motor
If the vehicle parked in front of the house either own homes or homes of others and in public places such as mini markets, schools, shops, cafes, kiosks, and so you should keep an eye on your bike. Park in a place visible from the inside as well as pairs of eyes and ears and should not be neglected because of a motorcycle thief only takes about half a minute or less to steal your bike.

Beware the Box Car, Pickup and Truck
Beware of these types of cars are parked on the side or around parking your motorcycle. Bike thieves can quickly carry your bike and then take it away from you forever.

Secure Your Valuables Congenital
Beware also of the valuables that you carry. If there is a daycare Leave a helmet and jacket at the venue immediately. If you're concerned with the day care you can plug the box or boxes in the back of a motorcycle motor have to store your items such as helmets, files, jackets, money, rainwear jacket, mechanical tools, umbrella, flashlight, drinking water, clothes, and other so on.

Reduced Attention Thieves
Motor that looks good, new and selling high-power security system with a less well-liked by the perpetrators of theft. Motor that already look ugly or just plain with sufficient safeguards and sold when it's cheap enough, including types of motor bike safe from theft. Shut your motor bike with a cloth cover can reduce the thief's attention and will make the thief to carry out the action. By covering the motor with water-resistant material may also protect the motor from rain and sun.

The motors are strange, unique, rare and have been modified are also less people who want to attract steal our motor. If you love on your bike, attach a layered security system as well as confidential and also if you like to replace your motor to be different from the others so that a thief stole it for being too reluctant to attract attention of people around the parking lot.

Fostering Good Relations
To be safer, if you park in a regular or frequent example in college, office, home, mini markets, shops, and so you can forge a good relationship with those around him. If there are parking attendants take time chat, drink coffee and so on. If you have more money we can love cigarette money into the parking attendant. The aim is that a parking so familiar with us and will recognize the motors that we use.

Honda CS1 gearshift position

Anti-Theft Tips Of The HMPC

Whose name thief there just his wits and intensified so. Though it was given a double lock, if not careful the motor can still missing. Various practical way but enough to make us worthy of giddy thieves only takes a minute to take the time for the salvation of our favorite motorcycle that used to be the pulse of everyday transportation. Here, see!

Replace Bolts
It is better to replace some bolts in some parts had been a target of thieves (thief). Among others are the speedometer and Master Brakes (Disc Brake) Forward, or many are calling it a "Pala Pigs". Moreover release process only takes 50-10 minutes, because the parts are only using ordinary bolts. As you known these two spare parts were quite expensive, between Rp.800.000 to Rp.1.500.000, depending on the type of bike. Well, not bad right? So the security step is to replace the bolts, the most secure is to use star bolts, cost about Rp.15.000. Pretty cheap compared to losing speedometer right?

Bag Close Spark Plug
When parking the bike in public places prone, unscrew the spark plug and input and save it in your purse or pants pocket, guaranteed to make dizzy the thief because the motor can not turn on.

Replace Switch Secret
Replace the circuit breaker switch hidden secrets of the battery (batteries). When parking fallen power lines through a secret so that even if the key switch contacts can be functionalized by destroying the T key by the thief for example there was no electricity to turn on the machine. However, you should use this way if your motor warranty is up, because it can result charred electrical warranty for 1 year.

Attach Padlock Stainless
The third way is already common, and many thieves are also already know the secret. A safer, put a padlock on the stainless disc brakes front or rear gear (when the brakes are not discs). Select anti-grinding stainless padlock (brand ABUS or Krisbow), prices range from Rp 30,000 and are sold at the hardware store or shop building. According to the "king of thieves", the most difficult when it's anti-grinding stainless padlock wear on the motor. At the most desperate bike thief if, transported to the top like a car.

It has a flaw of human endeavor. So, do not forget after the lock and install additional security when leaving the motor, we pray that the motor is maintained by the Supreme Keeping, Allah. Insha Allah, the motor remains intact not be touched at the hands of thieves. Amin.

"Be safety and Be One Heart"


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